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100ml ROWO Herbal Sports Gel

100ml ROWO Herbal Sports Gel

100ml ROWO Herbal Sports Gel     Expiry date Sept  2027





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ROWO Herbal Sports Gel is manufactured in Germany by Sporto-med who manufactures a range of products under the brand name ROWO and is also one of the leading suppliers in a complete range of high value body care and fitness products.

Its herbal ingredients are Peppermint oil, arnica, echinacea, chamomile and witch hazel.

The gel can be applied before and after exercise or as required. It is cooling to muscular aches and pains and can be used for sports warm-up and cooling down. The gel is refreshing and relaxing as a massage aid and it is cooling and gentle on skin and insect bites.

It has a pleasant peppermint fragrance and is non-staining and non greasy. The gel is suitable for use by adults and children above six years old and is for external use only.